May 16 2016

Melissa and I rarely shred personal information over Facebook, but today I will. We are in Maui right now, and a week ago at 4am Monday I woke up to her having a seizure. Most of you are probably unaware she had had these before. There was no scientific reason found for them. That night she stopped breathing during it. I started CPR and my mother, who came in earlier that evening on Mothers day called 911. The paramedics arrived and had to shock her a few times because her heart was arresting. They took her to the hospital where they did an MRI and found nothing wrong. For 3 days she was catatonic and couldn’t determine why. They went back to do another MRI and found that during the seizure she had starved her brain of oxygen and she was no longer with us. They will be taking her off the ventilator at 3pm Maui time today in hopes of saving some organs and tissue for transplant. I am so sorry to anyone who I was unable to contact before writing this. 

We will be ok. Tuesday is not fully aware of the true nature of this and I am fine with that. She is still playing by the pool and going to the beach. We even had a sea turtle swim by us yesterday. Melissa would want her too. Melissa would want nothing more than for the children to be happy and to have the smallest amount of pain in their lives as possible. So we will play. As they grow up they will learn who she was from me and from all her friends. They’ll need to know the beautiful spirit that was inside their mom. I want all of you who are close to her to do that for her. 

This has destroyed me. I have never felt more soul crushingly devastated in my life but Tuesday and Levon are what has helped me keep me stading when this tidal wave of pain comes crashing over me. I will do for them everything Melissa and I had planned for them.  

We will be back later this week, sorry to bring such sadness to everyone. Know that this all started in her sleep, and she was never aware of anything. She died in her sleep.


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