January 8 2017

One year ago today. We watched the final 2 episodes of that seasons “House of Cards” and then at 1:08 am he was born. There’s not enough space to ever write just how much has changed in the last year. One of the things that has been constant though is Levon. He has grown in this new time like any newborn would. He has progressed through all of this bringing nothing but happiness. The tiniest developments have given us a hint of what the future can hold. Good things happen in time. He learned to crawl, then slowly pull himself up and now he can stand. Soon he’ll take his first steps and then he’ll be running. The fact that in retrospect, his physical development has gone on while being an exact mirror of my emotional one leaves me hopeful and proud. Right now he is oblivious to how much he is loved by those closest to him, but in time he’ll realize it, and I’m certain he’d say a huge and sincere thank you. Xoxo ,

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