August 3 2016

When Mel first got pregnant neither of us were aware that the first trimester can cause the woman to experience some rather dramatic mood swings. For us it was generally not the “super dooper happy” side of the mood swing. Anyone who worked at Deacons during that time they can probably attest to this. It got to the point that I had or regulars coming up to me and telling me they were afraid of her. My response was “well she’s having our baby and there’s no way in hell i’m telling her to improve her work, because I’m scared as well” 🙂 One evening I came home and she asked me if I knew where her almonds were. She had some cravings, one of them being almonds, but I didn’t know we had run out. So, being in fear for my life I said i’d run to the corner and get some. When I got to the store I couldn’t remember what kind she liked. Now at this point I knew that if I brought the wrong type home it would immediately signal to her that I was completely uncaring and further more probably unfit to be a father. So I bought one of every kind of almond they had. I think I spent $70-$80 on them all. When I got home she was asleep. To this day, I have one bag of frozen plain almonds in my freezer and a pound of tamari almonds still in our cupboard. The picture below was taken 5 years ago near then end of her second trimester, hence the smile and glow 🙂 One of the many things she’s left with me, apart from a fear of almonds, is that when you love someone and they’re pregnant, just do whatever the hell they want you too. Because when you’re holding her hand and leg and watching your child slowly appear from her body, you’ll realize that apart from every almond costco sold, you should have bought her an almond farm too. Xo babe.

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